The #1 Life Insurance Tool To Create Generational Wealth And Protect What Really Matters Most, Your Future And Your Family.

Happy picture of husband, wife and 2 kids because they are protect with life insurance.

What's more valuable than all your time and all the money you'll ever make?

Your Legacy. What you build and leave behind for future generations.

Our custom life insurance quotes provide a legacy and an everlasting future for your family. More than policies, we weave a tapestry of everlasting memories, ensuring your story lives on. It's not just life insurance for life; it's a melody of reassurance. Let our certified financial advisor team guide you to a future where every heartbeat echoes with love and protection.

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What Is A Life Insurance Policy?

When Should You Get Life Insurance?

What Are The 2 Main Types Of Life Insurance?

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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a type of life insurance recommended by experts like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman because it offers the highest coverage amount for the lowest cost. You pay a little bit of money every month for a specific amount of time (typically for terms of 10, 20, or 30 years), and if you pass away in that timeframe, your family gets a paycheck in the amount of money that you qualified for when you applied for the policy. And if you outlive the term, you could be investing in high quality mutual funds to become financial independent. Click here now to learn more through our "Secret Vault".

Person signing a life insurance contract with a check mark for completing protecting their family.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance, sometimes known as whole life insurance, universal life insurance, or index universal life insurance, is a long-term coverage plan that lasts throughout your lifetime. According to, permanent life insurance provides a death benefit and it contains a savings component in the policy, called cash value, that has the potential to grow over time. However, this is not what we recommend due to the high costs of these policies and the low performance of the savings component.

Life Insurance Through Work Doesn't Count

Why Is Term Life Insurance And Mutual Funds The Best Strategy For You?

Basket of food in a basket being purchased at a store and how life insurance is an example of buying money from a store.
Life insurance building making money off years of customers premiums that they pay.
40 year old Mom and Dad get $2,000,000 in life insurance coverage.
Two children inheriting generational wealth through life insurance and investing money to make money.
Children and grandchildren inheriting generational wealth through life insurance and investing money to continue the process.

Life insurance client testimonials with paper clip for Moon family enterprise

Grant & Alyssa C.

Saratogo Springs, UT

I've loved how much peace we have from knowing we're investing in smart ways. Plus, even if, heaven forbid, one of us passes away our kids still have a bright future.

Jeffrey M.

Mesa, AZ

Knowing my family is financially protected means everything to me. They made the process very simple and quick for getting the life insurance my family needed and it was within our budget.

Ryan E.

San Tan Valley, AZ

Thanks to Moon Family Enterprise they made the process for getting life insurance super easy. Knowing we'd leave millions for my kids future makes me feel fulfilled as a parent.

Jen & Carlos P.

Queen Creek, AZ

We've been clients of Moon Family Enterprise for a decade. They have been super patient in educating us on the best financial tools and the personal connection we have with our financial advisor has made it super worth it to be a life insurance client.

Charles & Rachel K.

Orem, UT

Moon Family Enterprise has really taught us the value of being prepared financially. They personally took the time to help us understand the value of life insurance and helped us get a policy so we can leave behind generational wealth just like they teach.

Nate & Casia F.

Mesa, AZ

These guys are super cool and really good at what they do. They've made a million dollar difference for my family and can for yours too. I wouldn't do business with any other company because I know these guys actually care about what they do.

Brian & Linea G.

Clayton, NC

Working with Moon Family Enterprise has been so illuminating. It has taken financial information we never thought was for us as middle class Americans and made it accessible, useful and profitable for our family.

Kate & Adam D.

Kuna, IR

I wouldn't have been interested if it wasn't for the friendship and consistent persistence of the Moon Family Enterprise team. The financial peace is a bonus because I have learned more about finances here than anywhere else.

Travis & Wendy M.

Sacramento, CA

It's nice that the Moon Family Enterprise has become our friends and not just someone we talk finances with. Plus they explain things in a way that's super easy to understand and not high pressure sales talk.

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